The FA ruling was issued on the 20th November 2015 the contents of which are between the NCEL and the two clubs.

However, in conclusion there is an expectation by the NCEL, FA and us (and we hope Clipstone FC) that Brett is to be allowed in to the Clipstone FC ground to fulfil his role as manager of a competition member manager.

The NCEL is a terrific Competition, one that our club holds in such high esteem as we do its Committee Members. The NCEL like any Competition is where member clubs are expected to follow the principles of fairness, not interfering with other clubs/participants who carry out their roles. It is normal practice for member club managers to be expected to observe opponents and that members should permit other member club managers in to their ground following the individual clubs price/entry policy which must be consistent as it is for any other person. There is an expectation that all Clubs should adhere to the these principles otherwise we understand the League Committee may consider sanctions against non-adhering clubs including League Membership. It is for us about “the spirit of the game and upholding the NCEL reputation and principles” and that recent events could have seriously lead to similar incidents thereby damaging the competition.

We were disappointed firstly that Clipstone FC barred Brett from entering their ground, secondly that certain denials followed and that they then rebutted all attempts to conclude this matter including rejecting offers from us to jointly agree that it may have all been a misunderstanding. Therefore it was referred to the NCEL who issued their decision but if we didn’t agree then we had the right of referral to the FA which we sought. The FA directed the NCEL to chair a meeting with Clipstone FC and us to try and mediate a solution. Clipstone FC even refused to attend that meeting directed by the FA/NCEL so the matter was referred back to the FA by the NCEL and the FA issued their ruling. Regrettably it has taken nearly 2-months to reach closure but this delay was certainly not of our making.

We have confirmed to the Competition and the FA that we will comply with the ruling and its direction.

We do genuinely understand the Clipstone FC’s managers disappointment of our decisions last season but we feel this should not have resulted in disrespect towards our club in his adverse press article that was released on the 1st September to which we did not respond. In that article, amongst a string of other criticisms, he publicly criticised our clubs finances and budgets and suggested failed promises, all of which is simply untrue. He was himself handsomely financially rewarded whilst here and a great number of people and unpaid volunteers worked so hard to raise finances to pay him, his assistant and his players. There have then followed several recent vicious on-going social media jibes and disrespectful/hurtful content by the Clipstone officials against us.These have been referred to the County FA. We hope that the County FA will advise Clipstone FC and its officials to abide by the guidelines of social media content and cease these on-going outbursts that may well harm their club if found "inappropriate.” Equally, we would advise our own club officials and players to follow the league guidelines on social media.

Inevitably with their manager, his assistant and a dozen or so players and off the field personnel all being ex-Staveley and Brett being their ex Chairman/Manager, there may be “added feelings” but this has from the Clipstone side of the fence we feel gone beyond.

All we seek now is for the Clipstone FC, players and their officials to get on with their business and allow us to get on with ours unfettered and for there to be no further issues between us.

Sponsors of the NCEL